My beloved Sony DSC F707
5 Reasons
to photograph with this 18 years old (in 2019) camera today:
• unconventional retro-futuristic “steam power fazer gun” design = nice to touch and look at
• intuitive (swivel lens/body) ergonomy and excellent build quality = really joy to use
• unique NightShot function = can see IR (invisible reality)
• Zeiss lens + laser AF assist = it works very well, exactly as expected
• memory for 25 full-res shots only & no RAW = need to slow down + think (feel) more about every single shot … and it’s definitely teaching me patience and deliberation




Samples in 3 previous posts (Insomnia) and here.

/ Photographed with Carl Zeiss Jena Flektogon 2.4/35, M42


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