Jupiter Ascending


Jupiter-9 85/2 is a high quality half telephoto lens based on the pre-war Zeiss Sonnar (originally calculated by Ludwig Bertele in 1926!) and produced from late 40s (the early versions were manufactured from the original Zeiss glass) to 90s in almost every possible mount in a number of soviet factories. Silver Jupiter-9 (in M39 SLR mount) by LZOS performs great and looks really amazing! I could not resist …

Background image from icarius Xb1 movie
“Do you see the material? It looks like some sort of alluminium alloy. Prehistoric.”…

One thought on “Jupiter Ascending

  1. I’ve black copy of it, made in 71, also M39. Beautiful lens, but must admit chrome version looks way better.
    Mine has loose rear element in front triplet, which i can’t seem to get to.

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