Hospital Kuks



Kukský hospital. Rozsáhlý barokní komplex dal postavit majitel zdejšího panství František Antonín Špork (německy Sporck)
v letech 1692–1724.
/ Hospital Kuks (Czech Republic). An extensive Baroque complex built by the owner of the local manor Frantisek Antonin Spork
(German Sporck) in the years 1692-1724.



4 thoughts on “Hospital Kuks

  1. That is an amazing building. How beautifully photographed, Jan. I especially love the symmetry of the front view and the infrared.
    The figures up and down are a wonderful touch!

  2. Yes. To be precise: It was. This year I want to make much more photos. Especially beautiful statues of virtues and vices! it’s really interesting and photogenic place.

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